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Welcome to our entrepreneurial venture, where innovation meets opportunity! Established over a dynamic three-year period, our diverse portfolio spans across various industries, reflecting our passion for growth and innovation. At the heart of our endeavors lies Digimune, a pioneering Digital Risk and Cyber Insurance business committed to safeguarding organizations in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


In addition to Digimune, we proudly serve as the regional Distribution partner for the cutting-edge Wellavi Wellness Platform, empowering individuals to embrace holistic well-being. Our strategic investments extend to Blue Energy Africa, where we are dedicated shareholders, driving sustainable energy solutions across the continent.

But our journey doesn’t end there. As distributors for Ignite Tequila and Vape Products, we cater to diverse consumer tastes, delivering premium experiences worldwide. With an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, we’ve rapidly expanded our footprint across the globe, reaching esteemed clientele including banks, telcos, insurers, and ISPs spanning the USA, Bahamas, Australia, UK, and Africa.

In addition to our extensive business interests, we proudly serve as the regional distributor for Brandshield, a renowned leader in the realm of Digital Risk protection for medium and large-scale enterprises. With Brandshield’s cutting-edge solutions, we empower organizations to mitigate digital threats effectively, safeguarding their online presence and reputation. This strategic partnership further solidifies our commitment to offering comprehensive risk management solutions, ensuring our clients stay ahead in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

Headquartered in the vibrant hub of the UK, our global presence is further fortified by satellite offices strategically positioned in South Africa and Australia. As a dynamic force in the business landscape, we’re committed to forging lasting partnerships, driving innovation, and making a meaningful impact on a global scale. Join us as we navigate the realms of entrepreneurship with passion, purpose, and unparalleled dedication.

Our Businesses

Digimune is driven by a dedicated mission to safeguard your digital world, ensuring your home cyber protection and your family’s online safety. In an age where every click, like and share can leave you and your loved ones vulnerable to cyber threats, we proudly stand as your digital shield. But to us, we’re more than just a business; we’re your steadfast partner in online protection.
Blue Energy Africa
Blue Energy Africa is a leading, South African-based, Africa-focussed, developer and operator of embedded clean energy utility infrastructure, partnering with their clients to develop lasting and impactful solutions that aid in their resilience and assist with their transition to Net-zero.
Wellavi combines its proprietary Six Dimensions of Wellness approach with advanced AI to curate a personalized experience for users and flexible business model for coaches. Wellavi focuses on helping its users to improve their quality of life, guide them into a path of forward motion, and be at their personal best.
CYD Tech Solar
CYDTech is a trusted solar industry partner, supplying high-quality Livoltek solar products for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable solutions for their customers. Our carefully sourced equipment from reputable manufacturers ensures dependable performance.
A global lifestyle brand unlike any other, IGNITE combines premium quality ingredients with an unprecedented level of ambition, innovation and an uncompromised standard of excellence. Inspired by its founder, Dan Bilzerian, IGNITE has positioned itself as the gold standard and industry expert in both Nicotine and Spirits; and is supported by a premium line for an active lifestyle.
BrandShield’s robust technology scans the internet, analyzes potential threats and detects phishing threats, online brand abuse, TM infringements and counterfeit sales. Our experienced and skilled takedown experts remove those threats relentlessly.

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